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Learn More about the Benefits of a Facelift in St. Catharines

The facelift procedure is intended to provide a natural, attractive and more youthful appearance. The operation consists of removing excess skin and fatty tissue and correcting any sagging facial muscles. Plastic surgeons have been performing this type of surgery for many years and recent technical advancements have led to longer-lasting results and increased patient satisfaction. Complications are rare.

In St. Catharines, the classic facelift is aimed at rejuvenating the face in the areas of the temples, cheeks and neck. A lifting of the eyebrows and forehead may also be done at the same time, as well as eyelid surgery.

Many factors play a role in the aging of facial skin. These include the physical environment (sun, wind), the type of skin (elasticity, thickness), complexion (pale, dark, ruddy), weight alterations, nutrition, smoking and menopause. There is no ideal age for this type of surgery. Remember also that a facelift cannot remove all facial wrinkles, nor will it stop the aging process. But, it can remove some of its effects, producing a more youthful experience. The procedure can sometimes be done again if needed in order to maintain the rejuvenated look.

Meet with Dr. Peter Young to discuss the benefits of this procedure for you.


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